Returns History

History & Mystery of returns

The inception:

The pharmaceutical returns industry began when a curious mind wondered what could be done with expired medications in pharmacies. Before this, pharmacies paid waste haulers to get rid of their expired medications. The research found was amazing. Pharmacies can return unopened medications back to the manufacturers for credit.  The complexity of the policies were challenging and the process time consuming but the profits were huge. What happened next was brilliant.

What Happened Next:

This curious individual began contacting pharmacies to provide a service to send the expired back to the manufacturers. Then the greed kicked in, this process lacks transparency and very easy to divert any and all medications. New pharmaceutical reverse distribution companies emerged and realized the huge profits and new ways to divert and embezzle.  There have been several reverse distributors that have been caught and convicted and no longer exist, and some are still practicing this approach. When there is transparency, this will stop.   N3PR was born to eliminate this practice for the pharmacy, the community, the environment and for the best interest for all involved with pharmaceutical distribution.

Return Advisor:

Pharmaceutical reverse distribution was desperate for transparency and N3PR provides this solution to the pharmaceutical community.  Pharmacies are looking for a controlled transparent process that will help them make proactive decisions with the best interest of the pharmacy. This revolutionary methodology is changing the way reverse distribution is being done and the savings are significant.