Return Advisor

At the heart of N3PR software is Return Advisor, the only software appliance in the industry that will provide the most accurate inventory management to the pharmacy in order to keep the on hand inventory free of unwanted drugs.

  • Provides the most up-to-date information with proactive action plan to minimize pulling the shelf process effortless, timely and accurate
  • Establishes a regularly scheduled pull the shelf
  • Provide location based reporting of what drugs to be pulled
  • Categorizes CW (credit worthy) NCW (not credit worthy) FCW (future credit worthy) Recall, Drug Shortages.
  • Sorts by return to designation for handling of multiple manufacturer that is processed by a Return Depot
  • Sorts the items that are ready to be shipped for quick handling
  • Sort by Return Authorization requirement
  • Coming soon – Integration with your existing inventory software