Exclusive Technologies

N3PR Exclusive Technologies

N3PR is the first and only DIY technology in the market today with disruptive approach and patent pending method and processes that will eliminate the need to utilize a third party processor.

The technology stack contains a one page web style app with simple work flow for ease of use as well as ensuring completeness of the activities required to return a product. The proactive and push notifications technology adapted will provide the ability to keep track of pending items in a working queue environment with aging and customizations in order to setup specific alerts to manage the process.

N3PR has developed a system and method to revolutionize the way returns are currently performed. We have developed an intelligent appliance to capture and maintain a unique relation between the various attribute of a product and it’s relationship with the Return Goods Policy (RGP) in order to simplify the return process, while maintaining strict accuracy and compliance to RGP.

Our patent pending advanced pulling appliance, will ensure pharmacy’s waste generation is minimized, Recalls are identified, pull notifications are generated, and Drug Shortages are identified and flagged to ensure they are held until the last possible date. This process will completely change the rules of this industry by incorporating the return process within your inventory management system, making it the comprehensive management tool that will protect your inventory investment, remove the fear of diversion, and keep your pharmacy compliant to FDA, and DEA regulations.